The nearest far away place (Hayley Long)

Liselotte (16) las “The nearest far away place” van Hayley Long:

This is an incredible book about two brothers who have had something terrible happen to them. The worlds of Griff and Dylan change forever when their parents die in a car crash. After staying with their school principle for a while, the boys are sent to live with their loving aunt and uncle in Whales. The brothers are trying to cope with their parents death as well as trying to fit in in a completely new environment. Dylan worries if his brother is coping and tries to help him as much as possible even though Dylan knows that there is something he needs to cope with first.
I really liked this book, I didn’t want it to end when it did, I raced through the book and loved every second. Even though it is kind of predictable it stays fun and interesting throughout the whole story. Inside the book, some of the letters are big, others are smaller than normal and there are even some cursive letters or other letter types. This really helped me understand the book, it made the characters more realistic. If the characters are whispering in the book, the letters are small. So when this happens, you instantly read it less loud in your head. The characters were very deep and all had a different way of talking and reacting, which made you feel more for that specific character and understand their point of view better.
I found the story line very interesting and really well thought of. All the details were thought trough.