Library of souls (Ransom Riggs)

Leanna (14) las “Library of souls” van Ransom Riggs:

Jacob is peculiar. Just like his grandfather, he can see hollows. In the third book, The Library of Souls, the peculiar children are kidnapped by the wights. However, Addison, a peculiar dog, rescued Emma and Jacob and together they follow their friends to Devil’s Acre, the punishment loop where the peculiars are kept in prison. Together with Sharon, a giant boatman, they meet Myron Bentham and his Panloopticon. With help of the Panloopticon Jacob and Emma get into the fortress of the wights. They liberate their friends and ymbrynes and together with an army of hollows controlled by Jacob they fight against the wights for the future of peculiardom.

The Library of Souls is a fantasy book and I love it. I always like books with stuff like magic (Harry Potter), mythology (Percy Jackson), or in this case, peculiar children. The story is very tense: they’re going on an adventure to save their ymbryne, everything they do is dangerous and you never know whats going to happen. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s creepy: people (almost) get killed, the story takes place in a punishment loop where people use peculiar children as slaves. There are hollows who try to eat peculiar and there are wights, who are taking the second soul from peculiars.

On the other side I think the novel is a bit cute to, because of the relationship between Jacob and Emma and because the children are very brave and take such good care of each other. I think this is a very good combination. It’s a very mysterious, creative and unique novel. In the book there are a lot of pictures. Almost al the pictures are collected by the author. The pictures are very mysterious and peculiar and they help you imagine how everything looks like. This way the story becomes more real and ik makes you feel like you are in the story yourself and see everything happening. They work very good together with the story and it creates a brilliant experience.The writing is very realistic: If the characters in the book are happy, I’m happy. You can see the characters develop during the story.

A lot of books, even with good storyies, have disappointing endings, but this one doesn’t. Every time you think someone’s going to die or the fight is over, something happens and changes the whole situation. This way the story was very interesting until the very last page of the book and it made sure you kept reading. While I was reading the books I had a lot of questions, but the all got answered in the last book. If you like books with a lot of creativity I highly recommend this book!