Before I let go (Marieke Nijkamp)

Liselotte (16) las “Before I let go” van Marieke Nijkamp:

The story begins on a plane to a small city in Alaska called Lost Creek. On the plane is a girl called Corey, she had just learned that her best friend, Kyra has committed suicide. Corey is devastated and feels guilty for leaving her best friend alone. When Corey arrives in Lost, she sees that a lot has changed since the death of Kyra. Everybody is now worshipping her for her talent instead of hating her, fearing her and all that just because she was bipolar. After spending some time in Lost, Corey grows more and more suspicious of the town, and fears that they are keeping secrets from her. As the book continues, Corey finds out more about her town and the people in it. Will she be able to find out what actually happened to her friend?
The moment you start reading this book, you get the feeling that something is wrong. You don’t trust the town and do not trust what the people in the town say. Everything is suspicious. After spending some time with the people in the town the feelings of something different going on don’t change.
I liked the book, it keeps you on guard on all times. Sometimes the book was a bit slow and you just want it to move on and stop lingering on a certain topic. But in the end you want to keep reading to find out what happens next.